Certified Holistic Coach, Group Facilitator, Author, Public Speaker & Teacher of Romantic Communication skills, since 2007

Tomer is an international dating & relationship expert, specializing in effective communication and establishing a Secure Attachment Style. In the last 16 years, Tomer has been teaching and guiding men & women – separately and together – to better understand each other and acquire all the necessary skills to have an easy and fulfilled romantic life. 

He founded The School of Authentic Courtship in 2010 to help first men connecting with women, while preserving their true identity and values. Later on he began teaching women, serving as a "double agent", translator and mediator between both sexes ("What s/he said/did actually meant…"). In 2015 he began working with couples helping them effectively manage long-term relational challenges. 

Nowadays he facilitates retreats for both singles & couples, holds women's groupsmen's group's and mutual healing ceremonies

He’s been walking the path of exclusive monogamy and many other non-conventional forms of relationships such as open relating, monogamish, solo-poly, etc, so on top of the theoretical knowledge, methods & tools, he shares with students important “written in blood” insights from his personal life experience in relating to women, both in dating, intimacy and his 8 meaningful deep relationships – the latest being married to Tamara (whom he met on a workshop on Koh Phangan in 2020) 🙂

Along with his weekly SL Practicum and full schedule of one-on-one students, he offers day-long, weekend and week-long retreats in Thailand, Europe & Israel

An intimate interview by Luca Sonzogni

Schedule Workshops & Retreats

WEEKLY (JAN-APR 2023)  Secure Lovers practicum. Every Tuesday 3:30-6pm, Jade Temple, Koh Phangan.

17-19 FEB Secure Love – Heal your Attachment Style. 3-day retreat, Jade Temple, Koh Phangan.

17-19 MAR  Secure Love – Heal your Attachment Style. 3-day retreat, Jade Temple, Koh Phangan.

13 APR  Sexy Juicy FreeUnleash your Sexy Dance. Rasaruna, Koh Phangan. 

24-27 MAY  ReConnect Festival – Peace & Connection between Men & Women. Samadhi Center, Israel.

25.5 (Thu) 20:30 Easy Dating workshop

26.5 (Fri) 17:00 Bravery Stage workshop

27.5 (Sat) 15:30 The Anxious & Avoidant Trap workshop

1-3 JUNE  Secure Love (L1) – Heal your Attachment style – 3-day Retreat. Kibbutz Tuval, Israel.

8-10 JUNE  Freelationship Conference – Mastery of Consensual Non-Monogamy. Samadhi Center, Israel.

10.6 (Sat) 14:30 Poly-Secure workshop

22-24 JUNE  SHIVA – Mens Core Gathering. Migdala beach, Israel.

29 JUNE-1 JULY Secure Love (L1) – 3-Day Immersion. Kibbutz Tuval, Israel

23-25 NOV Secure Love (L1) – Heal your Attachment style – 3-day Retreat. Kibbutz Tuval, Israel.

28-30 DEC Secure Love (L2) – Heal your Attachment style – 3-day Retreat. Kibbutz Inbar, Israel

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